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Thinking about making changes or going through a challenging transitions?


Limestone Wellness can help with this change by evaluating life balance issues such as work, rest, play, and relationships, while guiding you to achieve a healthy balance in your life. 


Limestone Wellness uses evidence-based interventions such as behavioural, psychological, and social approaches, infused with ancient holistic practices such as Reiki and Crystal Healing.



Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils therapeutically for physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Essential oils are extracted from plants, trees, resins, fruits and roots by distillation; these oils contain many healing properties.

Through one-to-one consults, educational events, and workshops, Limestone Wellness will guide you through the best use of essential oils to be used in your life.



Limestone Wellness offers motivational and educational facilitation and speaking services related to all things mental health and wellness.


If you are looking for a guest speaker, facilitator of lunch and learns, or motivational speaker, contact us today.



Limestone Wellness offers group services in the form of educational workshops, and support groups.  These groups are for all ages and address different topics such as resilience, mindfulness, stress management, healthy relationships, and divorce support. 


Group services provide an opportunity for individuals to share life experiences and feelings, coping strategies, and information related to the topic of the group. 

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