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Our Retreats

Day and Weekend Retreats

In addition to individual therapy sessions, we also offer immersive day and weekend retreats designed to provide a deeper exploration of mental health and wellness in a supportive and rejuvenating environment.

Led by Rebecca Rafuse, a Registered Psychotherapist and founder of Limestone Psychotherapy, our retreats are carefully crafted to integrate evidence-based therapeutic techniques with opportunities for relaxation, reflection, and personal growth.

Why Retreat with Us?

Our retreats offer a unique opportunity to step away from the demands of daily life and immerse yourself in a nurturing and tranquil setting. Whether you're seeking to deepen your understanding of yourself, enhance your mental well-being, or simply recharge and rejuvenate, our retreats provide a space for you to do so.

What to Expect

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery with our 5 Elements Therapy Retreats, Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the five elements – water, earth, fire, air, and spirit – these immersive retreats offer a holistic approach to mental health and wellness.

Embracing the Elements

Each element holds its own unique energy and symbolism, offering valuable insights and therapeutic opportunities for personal growth. Throughout the retreat, we'll explore strategies and practices inspired by each element to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Water: Dive into the fluidity and adaptability of water as we explore strategies for emotional healing and resilience. Activities may include guided visualization, journaling, and somatic experiencing to help you navigate the depths of your emotions and cultivate greater emotional balance.

Earth: Ground yourself in the stability and nourishment of the earth element, incorporating practices such as mindfulness meditation, nature walks, and grounding exercises to connect with the present moment and cultivate a sense of stability and security within yourself.

Fire: Ignite your inner spark and passion with the fire element, exploring strategies for motivation, creativity, and personal empowerment. Through expressive arts therapy, movement, and goal-setting exercises, you'll tap into your innate drive and vitality, unleashing your full potential.

Air: Harness the freedom and expansiveness of the air element as we explore practices for mental clarity, communication, and perspective-taking. Breathwork, mindfulness exercises, and group discussions will help you cultivate a sense of clarity and spaciousness in your mind and relationships.

Spirit: Connect with the transcendent and sacred essence of your being through the spirit element, delving into practices for spiritual connection, meaning-making, and self-transcendence. Rituals, guided meditations, and soulful reflection will support you in deepening your connection to your inner wisdom and higher purpose.

Small Group Setting

Our 5 Elements Therapy Retreats are intentionally kept small to ensure an intimate and supportive atmosphere where you can feel comfortable exploring and connecting with others on a similar journey. This allows for personalized attention and guidance from Rebecca and fosters a sense of community among participants.


Continued Support

Following the retreat, you'll have access to ongoing support and resources to help you integrate what you've learned into your daily life and continue your journey towards healing and growth.


Upcoming Retreats

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming 5 Elements Therapy Retreats. Whether you're seeking emotional healing, personal empowerment, or spiritual connection, our retreats offer a transformative experience that nurtures mind, body, and spirit.

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