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Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is very important for healing and optimal health.  Lack of sleep impacts relationships, nutrition and mindset. 


When that mindset is expressing more negative than positive feelings this can lead to further unhealthy lifestyle choices such as less activity, substance use and stress eating. By adopting this unhealthy lifestyle you may see an increase in illness.

Sleep is a periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended, sensory activity is suspended, and most voluntary muscles are inactive.  During sleep our brain and body is able to repair and grow leading to restoration for the following day. 

Sleep deprivation can effect our mind and body in the following ways: 


Increased Stress

Disruption to metabolism

Decreased Immune System

Stressed Nervous system


Mental Health

In order to address sleep deprivation, one must develop a sleep hygiene, which is a structured routine that is followed each day prior to sleep.

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