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Healthy Relationship with Self

Young (2017) expresses the importance of self-knowledge and self-awareness as critical characteristics for healthy living. A good self-care practice involves exercise, social connection, personal care, mindfulness, and boundaries. Daily self-care is crucial to sustaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Recommendations for appropriate self-care include:

Daily exercise

Healthy Nutrition

Social connection

Healthy boundaries

Healthy work-life balance

Proper sleep

Minimal substance use

Developing a proper self-care plan, that promotes making time to take care of yourself a priority will increase your self-love, self-confidence, and relationships with others.

Healthy Relationships with Others

Relationships can be defined as a continued association or connection between two people. As mentioned previously, relationships are often a form of support and comfort and include friendships, work relations, family, and romantic relationships. In any relationship, it is essential that the positive aspects outweigh the negative. If the negative aspects overshadow the positive features, the relationship becomes unhealthy.

Healthy relationships consist of open communication, mutual respect, friendship, intimacy, and the ability to resolve conflicts.

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